Last updated on 27.02.2024


Locating heirs

Our clients do not incur any costs for our work. All services for locating heirs are performed at our expense and risk. We agree with heirs who were found by us on a fee which, depending on the value of the estate, difficulty and expense of the search, will amount to 20 to 30 % of the net inheritance, plus German value-added tax, or in the case of foreign participations up to about 33 %.

We advance all search and document procurement costs.The fee is only due upon payment of the inheritance. Advance payments are not required.

We have no claim to a fee if we are not successful in our quest or if proof of inheritance cannot be achieved due to destroyed documents. All expenses incurred are paid by us.Therefore the heir bears no risk in entering a fee agreement. He owes the fee only when the inheritance is actually paid.

Ancestry research and document procurement

We prepare an individual offer (based either on an agreed sum or hourly fee). The charge depends primarily on the type and the scope of the commission. Please contact us to specify your exact requirements. We in turn will make a proposal.

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